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The UNDECKED Pitch Playbook

Expect the Unexpected with our Power-of-Three Approach

Pitches are boring.

Scrap that, most pitches are boring.

At UNDECKED we believe that if we can’t immerse our audiences in the pitching process that we’ve no hope in immersing them into the content.

Fine, but why three? We believe in giving you a taste of the spectrum, so we always come armed with three distinct options: the safe one, the sexy one,and the mind-blowing one. We want to balance flair with finance, bolshy with brains and prude with panache.

Buckle Up. 

  1. The Safe One: Your Comfort Zone, But Better

First up, the safe(r) option. Think of this as the classic hit but done better. There won’t be a PowerPoint in sight, but we’ll work with traditional venues and focus practical activity on an immersive level. We’ll still surpass expectations and drive immersion at every stage.

  1. The Sexy One: Where Creativity Meets Strategy

Now, for a little twist – the sexy one. This is where we dial up the creativity and present you with something a tad more adventurous. It’s edgy, innovative, yet completely feasible. The sexy one is designed to demonstrate our creative prowess while still aligning with convention. It’s the perfect middle ground for clients who want to step out of their comfort zone but not stray too far from the path.

  1. The Mind-Blowing One: Redefining the Possible

Finally, we bring you the mind-blowing one. This is UNDECKED at its most daring and inventive. We’re talking about ideas that redefine the boundaries of what’s possible. This pitch is for those who are ready to explore uncharted territories and make a bold statement.

It’s high risk, high reward, and utterly transformative. When we present this option, we’re not just pitching an idea; we’re showcasing our vision for the future of your content.

Why This Trio Works.

Our threefold approach is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of our capabilities. We want you to see that we’re not just service providers; we’re innovators and thinkers. By presenting these three options, we invite you into our creative process, showing you the range of possibilities from the safe and reliable to the ambitiously avant-garde.

So, when you sit down (unlikely…) for a pitch with UNDECKED, expect to embark on a journey of exploration. Whether you choose the comfort of the safe one, the excitement of the sexy one or the innovation of the mind-blowing one, you’ll be on the end of our commitment to adaptability, creativity, and excellence. This approach is how we ensure that we align with your needs, exceed your expectations, and possibly, change the way you think about what’s possible.

In a nutshell, when you’re working with UNDECKED, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re embarking on an adventure of creativity and innovation. We’re here to show you the horizons of what can be achieved and then take you there. Let’s dance.

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