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Why are internal big ideas best delivered dying on PowerPoint?

PowerPoint Presentations – where even the most creative and immortal ideas for your company go to die before they even get off the ground.  

So why does presenting ground-breaking concepts to your people on PowerPoint lead to endless boredom and really low (we mean really really low) retention and buy-in rates.

Picture the scene:

Line managers have pulled their team away from a very long to-do list and placed a meeting for SLT’s shiny new ideas presentation into their calendar. The team logs into zoom with a coffee in hand and the presenter launches into delivering the company’s game changing initiatives, ready to change the world… with a presentation filled to the brim with stock imagery and bland bullet-points.

Sound familiar? 

This isn’t to detract from the idea, we’re sure it’s great.

But the reality is; our average attention span is 47 seconds and one in four global business leaders reported they’re suffering from a decreased attention span for text-dominant presentations at work (1).

It’s not just enough to heavily invest your resources into developing the new big ideas – you need to give them the launch they deserve too.

Now picture this:

It’s the day of the big new idea launch. Participants have already decrypted a coded email to gather the location and information required for the day.

They’re greeted by an actor and thrust into an immersive set.  Think treasure hunts, escape rooms and immersive planning exercises – each curated to educate and immerse in the key components of that big idea.

By the time teams come together for a bite to eat they understand the big idea and are ready to propel it forwards.

It’s better, it’s retained, it excites.

Creating experiences with your content at the core will create an emotive response to the rational ideas and give a big increase in the participants’ retention rates of the messaging (2).  Deliver the content you’ve worked so hard on in a manner that not only educates but immerses, getting everyone within the company buzzing around that new big new idea.

Can you afford for that content not land? If not then get in touch with UNDECKED.

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